EINA University School de Disseny i Art de Barcelona. Attached to the UAB

Work placements

EINA courses include employment experiences in professional studios and outside companies during the training period to equip students with the necessary knowledge and experience, which, once their courses have finished, ensures their effectively entering the professional world.

External placements with academic value and tutoring correspond to a 5-credit subject, which is equivalent to 125 hours' work in a studio, agency or internal department of a company where design and visual creation work is carried out. The main aim is for the work experience in a working environment to provide the student with a closer vision of the conditions under which projects are commissioned, decided, developed and produced or implemented. Besides this, practical placements foster the student's development in a work structure or a team and test their initiative and ability to provide solutions.

The Work Placement subject is in the fourth year and is optional. The managers of the work placements arrange agreements with around a hundred companies in various sectors (professional studios, advertising agencies, engineering firms and industrial or service industries). The role of the tutor is to seek the best fit between the student's skills and aspirations and the place where the work placement will be held. These work placements are assessed jointly by the tutor and the company. Every student who enrols on this subject is guaranteed this external work placement arranged by the school.

In addition to the work placements, the professionalising aim of the degree course is achieved in other ways: