EINA University School de Disseny i Art de Barcelona. Attached to the UAB


The EINA Design Degree give students general training to become a designer and also helps them acquire specific knowledge and skills in five professional specialities:

These specialities, which in the syllabus are established as mentions, constitute the professional structure of design and its representative associations, as well as the organisation of demand by companies and institutions.

Design of Spaces

Design of Spaces involves adapting spaces built for specific uses and changing them for their new purpose, irrespective of whether they are interior or exterior, long-lasting or temporary spaces. Therefore, the main activity of this profession is to work closely with users and transform the space to make it useful, comfortable and formally attractive through the distribution of elements, choice of materials, handling of forms and use of facilities.

Graphic design

The aim of graphic design is to make a very wide range of graphic messages easy to understand and visually interesting. Mastery of typography transforms graphic design into a key element in the configuration of publishing products, be they on paper or presented on digital support. The aim of graphic communication is not necessarily persuasion, nor is it targeted exclusively at consumption, although it does play a part in campaign art direction and the creation of graphic identities for institutions and companies, or for brands and products.

Product Design

Product design develops the shape of objects, taking into consideration their technical and manufacturing features and usage specifications. One aspect unique to product design is the care given to the relationship established between objects and users, both to help with their understanding and usage and their formal and symbolic qualities. This speciality focuses on a wide range of industrial sectors and the innovation of different types of products.

Visual Creation

The vast array of image techniques and uses extends far beyond the traditional field of graphic design. The growing demand for creativity and mastery in image treatment and application opens up a whole range of opportunities for new professionals in illustration and infography, animation, printmaking and graphic work and applied photography.

Design Culture

Parallel to working as a designer, a series of new professions aimed at developing the design world and its institutions has been created. The needs of these specialities have become evident in business management as well as in cultural management, and in the fields of dissemination, critique, teaching and research. 

While working as a designer requires specialist skills in these fields, it also requires general designers who can design in different fields and coordinate specialist designers and establish interdisciplinary dynamics, while contributing a broad vision and criteria. The EINA Design Degree provides this training and allows curricular itineraries as well as the mentions described here.