EINA University School de Disseny i Art de Barcelona. Attached to the UAB


Design is a profession directly associated with the economic dynamics of innovation and the creative and cultural development of a society. This is the basis upon which EINA has fostered a close relationship with its environment and forms the foundation for the educational policy, collaboration activities and programmes between university and business promoted and managed by the school.

By theme and by vocation, EINA cultivates this proximity through extensive professional and business links committed to design, which it achieves by taking into account knowledge, experience and attitudes. The professionalising aim of the courses is therefore achieved through different channels. As the courses progress, the knowledge and resources that students will need when working in a wide range of professional sectors are introduced. At the same time, tutorials are used to guide the students' vocations and define the more specific fields of their work interests. Students also have the opportunity of real and actual work experiences, either through specific subjects and one-off projects, or information and management provided by the school (job bank with university-business educational cooperation agreements).

Entrepreneurial activities. Training at EINA includes the acquisition of a wide range of interdisciplinary skills and knowledge which give students maximum flexibility and prepare them for their professional future. EINA fosters the entrepreneurial spirit as a basic attitude for professional development in the field of design and visual creation, whether by students defending their work before organisations, autonomously offering services, or recognising business opportunities and managing their own studios. During the courses, EINA encourages students to present projects on exhibition and trade fair platforms that may constitute financial assistance when the work is sufficiently extensive.

Collaboration projects. EINA's interaction with business and institutions facilitates collaboration agreements aimed at producing studies or one-off projects. Depending on the subject areas and objectives, these EINA-business collaborations are developed under the umbrella of project subjects or in one-off working groups, always with high-profile student participation. Unlike more conventional professional commissions, these projects have an exploratory and speculative component unique to the university-business transfer.

Prizes and competitions. EINA encourages participation in awards and competitions as a channel through which the student raises their profile and develops their own CV. When required, the school will offer these students tutorials to help them develop projects for submission for awards and competitions. In any event, the student will receive advice from their teachers during one-off consultation sessions.

Work placements. Design degree EINA courses include professional experiences in outside companies and studios during the training period to equip students with the necessary knowledge and experiences, which, once their courses have finished, help them secure employment efficiently.

We should stress that as one of its duties, the school is committed to promoting EINA students and graduates. In doing this, the students' work is disseminated in specialist publications and exhibitions organised by the school, always respecting authorship and the corresponding rights. Similarly, EINA produces and distributes a publication containing the final degree projects of all students who are graduating to help ease their move into the employment market and highlight the levels of professionalism and ability they have achieved.