EINA University School de Disseny i Art de Barcelona. Attached to the UAB

EINA, Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona. Attached to the UAB

Eina, University School of Design and Art, has accumulated extensive experience working in open and innovative teaching related to international trends in the contemporary creation of art and design.

Since it was founded in 1967, its critical spirit, a constant in the school's growth, has led to its ongoing renewal, which is why various generations of creators have emerged from Eina to play an active part in the establishment and renewal of its cultural environment.

EINA depends on an autonomous foundation that ensures that its unique nature as a benchmark cultural centre prevails. As a university school, it is attached to the Autonomous University of Barcelona so it enjoys the benefits of being part of one of the great state universities in Catalonia with the guarantees offered by its excellent campus.

EINA focuses its teaching, research and transfer work in line with parameters of academic rigour and the desire to have an impact on society. Therefore, besides promoting creative development, the learning of technical procedures and professional initiative, EINA courses seek to provide solid cultural learning foundations and critical thought resources.