Self-production: Anthropophagy

In collaboration with FoodCultura and Antoni Miralda, students of the module "Self-production", part of EINA’s bachelor degree, undertake a conceptual and material research around the cultural and emotional imaginaries of food, eating and the edible, devouring and the devoured. The acts of and around ingestion, preparation, and transformation — the ecosystemic relationships and transitive powers of edible matter though animal, biological, post-human and decolonial discourses — become guiding notions for speculative object-based processes.

Based on selected objects from the FoodCultura Archive, students will be asked to participate in a collaborative action. With a focus on the use of cartography and taxonomy, the project is concerned with the ontology of the archive, and the various narratives that construct it based on similarities or continuities. Students will engage in the creation of relational constellations by exploring and identifying themselves with objects from the FoodCultura Archive, which they will put in dialogue with objects of their choice: domestic, found, purchased… and to which they will add their own imaginaries and artistic / cultural references, while identifying and possibly counteracting the capitalist and colonial narratives that their classification, origin or use embodies. 

Proposals can include a variety of formats such as photography, audio, video, printed material, or assemblies of the objects themselves. They will be complemented by fieldwork around the city of Barcelona, in the areas of Collserola and Poblenou. The project will culminate in a museum proposal, publication, tasting ceremony, parade or public interventions, navigating the various imaginaries that construct our relationship with food. 

FoodCultura is a non-profit foundation created by Antoni Miralda and Montse Guillén, located in the Poblenou district of Barcelona. It functions as an archive and platform for creation intertwining culture, anthropology and contemporary art. FoodCultura Archive, based in Barcelona, focuses its activity on a multidisciplinary and festive collective research of objects from different countries with diverse uses and origins and related to food and popular culture.