Todo o nada - Javirroyo

From illustrator to author

Onsite - 10 to 19 May

In this workshop, From illustrator to author. An editorial project for Instagram, presentations or classes, we will learn to think and communicate with images without the need to know how to draw, with the aim of developing an editorial project that can be published on an Instagram account and that will have coherence and meaning. 

To do this, we will analyse what we are strong in: that subject that makes us vibrate and about which we think we can offer a lot to the world. From there, we will start to analyse sub-themes that connect, to end up working on a series of illustrations that communicate with the public we want to address.

→ 10, 12, 17 and 19 May. Total 12h
→ Tuesday and Thursday, 5 pm to 8 pm
→ Onsite
→ 180 €

  • Email: cursos(a)
  • Telephone: 93 203 09 23
Empatiza con las mujeres Empatiza con las mujeres
Persistent idea Persistent idea
Teletrabajo Teletrabajo
Wifi God Wifi God
Window Window
Birth, dead, Aaaaaaah Birth, dead, Aaaaaaah
Un día todo lo que ves será tuyo Un día todo lo que ves será tuyo
Red Biodiversidad Red Biodiversidad
You are here You are here
Your everyday Your everyday