Cursos curts presencials i online

Short onsite and online courses

If you want to complete your academic training and skills, or explore new ones, we offer a range of short onsite and online programmes open to anyone interested in these fields. Registration for all these courses is now open.

Thinking with images
Online - 26 January to 2 March 
Enric Jardí

Brush Lettering 
Onsite - 7 to 21 February
Adrián Pérez / El Deletrista

Advertising Creativity and Copywriting
Online - 8 to 24 February
Joan Bacardí

Still Life Photograhy
Onsite - 17 February to 3 March 
Elena Claverol

Risography. The success in error
Onsite - 9 to 25 March
La Risoneta

Graphic design and cinema. From script to set
Onsite - 25 March to 22 April 
Noemí Gimeno, Maite Sánchez Balcells

Two-colour silkscreen
Onsite - 28 March to 6 April
Miguel Bustos

Printmaking and Photography
Onsite - 19 April to 3 May
Enric Mas

Sound Possibilities 
Onsite - 20 April to 11 May
Arnau Horta

Illustrated Concepts 
Online - 25 to 29 April 

From sketch to volume 
Onsite - 4 to 18 May 
Meritxell Duran

From illustrator to author
Onsite - 10 to 19 May