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Access and Consultation

The fonds is free to access for all citizens, as well as consultation as a historical and cultural heritage, and as a support tool for administrative management, with the conditions and limits established by current legislation on access and data protection.

Part of the record group can be found at EINA’s Historical Archive website. On this website, you will find archival descriptions of series and, in some cases, digital reproductions of its files. It also includes authority records of the creators, and of some of the people involved.

The online consultation is complemented with in person consultation.

Consultation days are: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:00 to 16:00 and 14:00 to 19:00 on Tuesdays. To make an in person consultation, you must request an appointment with a minimum of two days prior to the day of consultation at email arxiu@eina.cat.

Information and reference

Information and reference service allows users to request advice on their research and the fonds of Archive, that can provide more useful information. It also provides information on the finding aids, access conditions to fonds, other services of the Archive, and if necessary, other fonds and archives, of which its consultation might be of interest.

Extraordinary Loan of Documents

In order to disseminate the fonds of the Historical Archive, the center offers the loan of documents to exhibitions organised by other entities.

Reproduction of documents

EINA Archive offers the reproduction of the documents in its custody.

The reproduction procedure is adapted to the user’s needs, the conservation condition of the documents, as well as the limitations established by current legislation regarding the protection of personal data and intellectual property.

For further information, please visit the regulations for extraction and use of reproductions (in Catalan). The application for obtaining the reproductions is formalised through the following document reproduction form (in Catalan). Once completed, it must be sent to arxiu@eina.cat.